Saturday, January 31, 2009

while i have access to a computer(mine is on the blink)i thought since it's the last day of the month i would give you(all one of you)an update on my monthly goals and get in a little bragging time.well..the buddha thing didn't work out like i planned it.i did listen to one cd on the topic of the buddha but didn't get around to reading the book i have on the he has to be rolled over for another time.(can one do that? i quess one can,if one wishes to.)and as far as the head stand goes,it didn't neck was not happy about that,so it too will have to be rolled now to the bragging(is it impolite to brag on one's self? because if it is, i'm gonna do it anyway)i walked 38 miles this week! yep that's right! count'em,38!i walked five miles a day monday thru friday and then did my own personal half marathon on saturday.(if my math is wrong don't anybody tell me.)(all one of you)(and i mean it)so i'm headed toward my goal of doing some long distance i have to start working on my absolute terror of sleeping outside at night with all the bugs,the wild animals,the creepy crawlies,the no see'ums,the rain,the lightening,the crazy hiker killers(and they are out there,i just know it)rabid skunks(as if just being a regular old skunk wouldn't be bad enough).i hope i haven't scared anybody else out of the same dream,but it is something to think about.but you know what they say about fears(in case you don't,i'm going to tell you)FACE THEM.yea, easy for them to say.they'll be in a cozy bed at night.i could face them better if some one would go with me.(any takers,all one of you reading this)anyway it's something to think about while you're doing nothing.helps pass the long till next time-----the rare raw southern bird.


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  2. Don't pick me... I sleep in hotels and my own bed... nothing in between! LOL Congrats on 38 miles... that is amazing.

    I've tried the headstand (yoga) many times and my neck just keeps saying no... so I hear ya on that one. - Aleesha (sorry I posted under the wrong blog... which is why I deleted my comment so I could repost it)