Saturday, January 3, 2009

on january 1 i started a 100 day raw challenge. i have been raw for 30 days several times before with good i want to take it a little further and see if i can get some amazing results. i am interested in doing some long distance trail walking in the future.the not to distant future i hope.i have some back and knee problems that i hope will resolve with a longer time on raw.i have already seen a lot of improvement in other health issues i have is the third day and i have been eating a lot of bananas,tons of oj,salads,celery and avocados.the plan is to make sure i eat enough to stay pretty full.i want to transition more toward low fat,but i don't want to worry about it to much at first.i've made a lot of new goals for this year and raw food is just one of them.i'll be making goals for 30 days also.i've made two for january.the first one is to study information about the budda and the secnd one is to learn how to do a headstand.i've been doing yoga for two years so i thought it would be nice to be able to do far my neck is not to happy about it so it might take longer than 30 days.anyway i want to start off my new year thinking and growing.see you later,from the southern rare raw bird.

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