Thursday, February 12, 2009

my butt is dragging

hello everybody! i seem to have lost some of my high energy i've had for the last two or three weeks. maybe i'm doing too much exercise, or maybe not enough. who knows? not me. i have these ups and downs all the time, but i think i have noticed something over the last few weeks that might be helpful to me. i seem to feel alot better if i'm getting more greens in. my moods seem better, and also my energy. so, over the next few weeks i'm going to make more of an effort to get those in. right now i've been eating one or two avocados with tons of celery,lots of oranges,a large salad in the evening ,the occasional lara bar, and also some nut butters. not very 8-10-10. also the ocassional blip which i have spoken about before. but all in all,still doing pretty good. rock on, all you raw food warriors..... the rare raw southern bird

Sunday, February 8, 2009

checking in

just checking in today. not much going on. i am having alot of energy lately. still doing pretty good on the raw foods. it gets pretty routine after you've done it a while. like i said before, i started dabbling in raw food in 1999 while i was living in tucson az.(best place ever) my daughter and i went to a raw food demo. we split a family sized hershey chocolate bar in the car. the lady giving the demo was very buff and nice looking, but unfortunatly she cut her finger right at the start of the thing and was kind of bleeding as she went. think julia child and saturday night live, if you saw that episode. anyway she made a date nut cake, some spagetti with a maranara sauce, and a couple of other things i don't remember. it was all good. what i do remember is the ginormous stomachache i had after that. probably the worst one i ever had. around the same time i found shazzie's blog and david wolf's site. there wasn't a lot on the web at the time, so the first thing i started doing was a fruit smoothie everyday. i would do that a while and forget about it awhile then go back to it. but what i did do was continue to read about it and surround myself with as much information as i could. and i still do that everyday. i listen to cd's i've downloaded when i'm in the car and when i'm walking. i continue to buy and read books and reread them, because alot of times i will pick up something i didn't get the first time i read it. i was always reading diet and health books over the years but when i finally read fit for life(this was way before raw food came up)it made so much sense. i tried that for awhile but would slip back into the s.a.d. diet.(i was mostly vegetarian then anyway) but a very junky vegetarian. anyway i have evolved over a long period of time to where i am now, able to eat and enjoy raw food most of the time. if i do eat something cooked i enjoy it and i don't worry about it.(but i always pay for it later in how i feel). anyway, that's a little bit about how i came to be a raw food eater. see ya later...... the rare raw southern bird

Thursday, February 5, 2009

mysteries of life

i know there are many, many, mysterious mysteries in life, and that you yourself may have pondered endlessly on some of them, as many of us have. say, for instance, the beauty of a flower, or the miracle of creating a baby (of which i have created four, with only the tiniest bit of help from my now ex-husband) or the awe inspiring beauty of a sunset. yes, there are many mysteries in life. and yet, i have a new one for you. perhaps one you have never heard of. a brand new mystery. so exciting. and here it is. wait for it..... wait for it......... HOW IN THE WORLD CAN A PERSON (and i mean me) WALK 53 MILES IN 10 DAYS AND NOT LOSE ONE FREAKING OUNCE! now really, how can that possibly be. that can't be possible you say, well, let me assure you that, yes indeed, it is true. in fact, is possible. i mean really, it boggles the mind doesn't it. think about it. 53 MILES. 53 longggg, longgggg miles. fifty-three miles. try to wrap your mind around it.( it's almost impossible, isn't it ) the only answer i can come up with is, I MUST BE A FREAK OF NATURE. THE MOST EFFICIENT CALORIE BURNER THERE EVER WAS. yes, that must be it. but if anyone else out there in the great cyber world has a better answer i would love to here it. or if you have a mystery of your own i would love to ponder on it. while i'm walking, walking, walking. i have to go now,(i've got walking to do) but keep on keeping on, all you raw food warriors. bye, from the rare raw southern bird.