Saturday, January 24, 2009

so,hey i'm feeling good today.walked 9.3 miles in two and a half hours.raw food thing going good.thought i had put on some weight,but no,lost a pound!i've been eating a starving,today i thought i would put in some info about me.i'm a nurse.yep a real pill pusher.i work in a small prison health unit. i don't know why they call it that since nobody there is the least bit interested in health,but that's what we call it.kind of a strange place to be when you don't believe all these different kinds of pills work.i've been a nurse since 1982 and have learned this along the way.gotta make a living some way though and this is the way i make mine.but i will say that all of the people i work with are great and they do a really good job working with the inmates.i always miss them when i'm gone for the summer.thank goodness i'm gone for the summer.i love the fact that i don't have to work full time,because the time it takes for the upkeep on myself since i turned fifty increases every year.there's the weight to watch,yoga to do,bunches of walking to do,wrinkle watching,skin brushing,enemas to take,raw food books to read,grey hair to color,various and sundry's down right exhausting.not to mention the sit ups,leg lifts,crunches,and that freaking about hard!oh and don't lets forget about those butt tighting torture exercises. and my butt still looks like it's trying to have an intimate meeting with the backs of my knees.but lucky for me, i'm no opera winfrey,because i love to exercise.(opera hates to exercise.i'm not making that up)you just can't tell by looking at me that i'm a lover of working out.also i want to say here before i forget,that picture of me over to the right is about 20 years old. of course i still look amazingly like it.(at least in my minds eye).anyway i'm planning to put up a more current one sometime or be watching for it.that's all for now,bye, from the southern rare raw bird.

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