Saturday, January 31, 2009

while i have access to a computer(mine is on the blink)i thought since it's the last day of the month i would give you(all one of you)an update on my monthly goals and get in a little bragging time.well..the buddha thing didn't work out like i planned it.i did listen to one cd on the topic of the buddha but didn't get around to reading the book i have on the he has to be rolled over for another time.(can one do that? i quess one can,if one wishes to.)and as far as the head stand goes,it didn't neck was not happy about that,so it too will have to be rolled now to the bragging(is it impolite to brag on one's self? because if it is, i'm gonna do it anyway)i walked 38 miles this week! yep that's right! count'em,38!i walked five miles a day monday thru friday and then did my own personal half marathon on saturday.(if my math is wrong don't anybody tell me.)(all one of you)(and i mean it)so i'm headed toward my goal of doing some long distance i have to start working on my absolute terror of sleeping outside at night with all the bugs,the wild animals,the creepy crawlies,the no see'ums,the rain,the lightening,the crazy hiker killers(and they are out there,i just know it)rabid skunks(as if just being a regular old skunk wouldn't be bad enough).i hope i haven't scared anybody else out of the same dream,but it is something to think about.but you know what they say about fears(in case you don't,i'm going to tell you)FACE THEM.yea, easy for them to say.they'll be in a cozy bed at night.i could face them better if some one would go with me.(any takers,all one of you reading this)anyway it's something to think about while you're doing nothing.helps pass the long till next time-----the rare raw southern bird.
so...hello everybody(all one of you)today i have a confession to make.i had a little blip in my raw food eating. just a little,tiny,teeny one.this is what it looked like,---/\---.see,nothing worries(sometimes i like to think of myself as australian, because they have a way cool accent).good on ya mate.(see).anyway what happened was,i got caught in a little social situation where everybody wanted to go to macaroni grill,which is a good place to eat for most people,but not for me. their
idea of a nice salad is the size of a saucer,and i needed one the size of a swimming pool. i was hungry decided to just eat regular food, just to go along,but what i really wanted was a bigggggg,i can hear everybody saying,yeah right.(all one of you)but it's true!so anyway i'm enjoying the food,having a good time,thinking this will be no problemo(sometimes i fancy myself as being a least partially spanish,or mexican,because they have the best accent ever!)i'll just continue on with my raw food after this tiny,teeny saw how tiny it was,right. why, i don't know if i should even call it a blip.what's tinier than a blip?anyway, we'er all having a nice time,singing country roads,take me home,all the way to my house.every thing is good,right? wronggggg!..what!..WHAT!..WHAT the H...E..DOUBLE L did you do? my stomach had woken up and was not happy.and if your stomach is not happy,you're not i said,stomach(that's what i call it)there's no need to get all bloaty,nausous,and sick feeling.i had what you might call a blip or possibly a bleep(after careful research i have determined that a bleep is definately smaller than a blip).and my stomach is like,OH NO YOU DIDN'T,and i'm like oh yes i did and it's like OH NO YOU DIDN'T and i'm like...well you get the drift of how that went.and let me just say, i't did not go well after sleep,bad sick feeling all the morale of this story(if there is one,and should't all stories have one)would be to make sure you don't piss off your stomach.(ever again)that's all i've got for now, so, i'll say aloha(because sometimes i like to pretend i'm in hawaii because they have the best weather ever)
keep on keeping on raw soldiers----the rare raw southern bird

Saturday, January 24, 2009

so,hey i'm feeling good today.walked 9.3 miles in two and a half hours.raw food thing going good.thought i had put on some weight,but no,lost a pound!i've been eating a starving,today i thought i would put in some info about me.i'm a nurse.yep a real pill pusher.i work in a small prison health unit. i don't know why they call it that since nobody there is the least bit interested in health,but that's what we call it.kind of a strange place to be when you don't believe all these different kinds of pills work.i've been a nurse since 1982 and have learned this along the way.gotta make a living some way though and this is the way i make mine.but i will say that all of the people i work with are great and they do a really good job working with the inmates.i always miss them when i'm gone for the summer.thank goodness i'm gone for the summer.i love the fact that i don't have to work full time,because the time it takes for the upkeep on myself since i turned fifty increases every year.there's the weight to watch,yoga to do,bunches of walking to do,wrinkle watching,skin brushing,enemas to take,raw food books to read,grey hair to color,various and sundry's down right exhausting.not to mention the sit ups,leg lifts,crunches,and that freaking about hard!oh and don't lets forget about those butt tighting torture exercises. and my butt still looks like it's trying to have an intimate meeting with the backs of my knees.but lucky for me, i'm no opera winfrey,because i love to exercise.(opera hates to exercise.i'm not making that up)you just can't tell by looking at me that i'm a lover of working out.also i want to say here before i forget,that picture of me over to the right is about 20 years old. of course i still look amazingly like it.(at least in my minds eye).anyway i'm planning to put up a more current one sometime or be watching for it.that's all for now,bye, from the southern rare raw bird.

Friday, January 16, 2009

i'm really excited, i have followers. yea! one is my daughter,so she doesn't count as much, but the other one is a total stranger so i feel really excited about this. i feel almost famous. maybe one day i'll be almost as famous as bunny berry, wouldn't that be great! so now i feel this big obligation to be as funny as possible and to also make this as interesting as possible soooooo i'll ether have to make stuff up or make the crap i do seem really great!o.k. here i i walked about four miles.we had some beautiful weather here in arizona today.i'm doing pretty good on my raw food.i do have passing thoughts of coke, pizzas,and french fries occasionally but i just let them float on by.eating alot of oranges and orange juice. i've had more fat from avocados and a little almond butter than i intended to,but i'ts just part of the worries,just keep going in the right direction.i'm way past the beat myself up to make it sustainable,that's what i care about most.
to change the subject a little,i want to say, in case you haven't noticed,i can't type. right now i'm a hunt and peck kind of girl .hoping i'm going to get better time i plan to include some info about how and why i got into raw food.
bye now, from the rare raw southern bird.
ps: now to find jokes!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

well my exercise is getting better. i just find it really hard to get up when it's cold.not that it is to cold here in arizona where i spend the winter.yes folks,not only am i a rare raw southern bird,i'm a snowbird too.i work and live in arizona in the winter and live in alabama in the summer.pretty sweet deal.anyway back to rawness. i'm sticking really well to being raw,except for my salad dressings.i'm thinking thats close enough for now.loving my o.j.,eating tons of fruit especially oranges.feeling good and working on my goals for january. bye for now,the rare raw southern bird.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i have started the new year off with a whimper instead of a bang. i have had a little cold so didn't do anything for four days. i'm feeling better now so i'm back to my regular workouts of yoga and walking.i'm also working on moving my raw food to more of an 80/10/10 ratio by following dr.grahams book.i thought i was eating a lot of fruit before but now i feel like i am going to turn into a fruit tree. the hardist part of course is lowering the fat. but i'm working on it.i just got Simply Raw in the mail. if you don't know,it's about reversing diabetes in 30 days on a raw food diet.can't wait to watch it.anyway,so far have been doing well on my 100 day raw food challenge. haven't lost any weight yet though. i'm not going to worry about it, i'm just going to keep going. today is day thats all for today from the southern rare raw bird.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

on january 1 i started a 100 day raw challenge. i have been raw for 30 days several times before with good i want to take it a little further and see if i can get some amazing results. i am interested in doing some long distance trail walking in the future.the not to distant future i hope.i have some back and knee problems that i hope will resolve with a longer time on raw.i have already seen a lot of improvement in other health issues i have is the third day and i have been eating a lot of bananas,tons of oj,salads,celery and avocados.the plan is to make sure i eat enough to stay pretty full.i want to transition more toward low fat,but i don't want to worry about it to much at first.i've made a lot of new goals for this year and raw food is just one of them.i'll be making goals for 30 days also.i've made two for january.the first one is to study information about the budda and the secnd one is to learn how to do a headstand.i've been doing yoga for two years so i thought it would be nice to be able to do far my neck is not to happy about it so it might take longer than 30 days.anyway i want to start off my new year thinking and growing.see you later,from the southern rare raw bird.