Saturday, January 31, 2009

so...hello everybody(all one of you)today i have a confession to make.i had a little blip in my raw food eating. just a little,tiny,teeny one.this is what it looked like,---/\---.see,nothing worries(sometimes i like to think of myself as australian, because they have a way cool accent).good on ya mate.(see).anyway what happened was,i got caught in a little social situation where everybody wanted to go to macaroni grill,which is a good place to eat for most people,but not for me. their
idea of a nice salad is the size of a saucer,and i needed one the size of a swimming pool. i was hungry decided to just eat regular food, just to go along,but what i really wanted was a bigggggg,i can hear everybody saying,yeah right.(all one of you)but it's true!so anyway i'm enjoying the food,having a good time,thinking this will be no problemo(sometimes i fancy myself as being a least partially spanish,or mexican,because they have the best accent ever!)i'll just continue on with my raw food after this tiny,teeny saw how tiny it was,right. why, i don't know if i should even call it a blip.what's tinier than a blip?anyway, we'er all having a nice time,singing country roads,take me home,all the way to my house.every thing is good,right? wronggggg!..what!..WHAT!..WHAT the H...E..DOUBLE L did you do? my stomach had woken up and was not happy.and if your stomach is not happy,you're not i said,stomach(that's what i call it)there's no need to get all bloaty,nausous,and sick feeling.i had what you might call a blip or possibly a bleep(after careful research i have determined that a bleep is definately smaller than a blip).and my stomach is like,OH NO YOU DIDN'T,and i'm like oh yes i did and it's like OH NO YOU DIDN'T and i'm like...well you get the drift of how that went.and let me just say, i't did not go well after sleep,bad sick feeling all the morale of this story(if there is one,and should't all stories have one)would be to make sure you don't piss off your stomach.(ever again)that's all i've got for now, so, i'll say aloha(because sometimes i like to pretend i'm in hawaii because they have the best weather ever)
keep on keeping on raw soldiers----the rare raw southern bird

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  1. oh I hear ya... my body really really does NOT like me when I eat SAD food. Makes my tummy hurt just reading your post... but your wonderful humour makes it all better. You are a great writer! - Aleesha