Friday, January 16, 2009

i'm really excited, i have followers. yea! one is my daughter,so she doesn't count as much, but the other one is a total stranger so i feel really excited about this. i feel almost famous. maybe one day i'll be almost as famous as bunny berry, wouldn't that be great! so now i feel this big obligation to be as funny as possible and to also make this as interesting as possible soooooo i'll ether have to make stuff up or make the crap i do seem really great!o.k. here i i walked about four miles.we had some beautiful weather here in arizona today.i'm doing pretty good on my raw food.i do have passing thoughts of coke, pizzas,and french fries occasionally but i just let them float on by.eating alot of oranges and orange juice. i've had more fat from avocados and a little almond butter than i intended to,but i'ts just part of the worries,just keep going in the right direction.i'm way past the beat myself up to make it sustainable,that's what i care about most.
to change the subject a little,i want to say, in case you haven't noticed,i can't type. right now i'm a hunt and peck kind of girl .hoping i'm going to get better time i plan to include some info about how and why i got into raw food.
bye now, from the rare raw southern bird.
ps: now to find jokes!!!!


  1. Hey, what do you mean i don't count as much. I think i should count for two. :)

  2. I agree... you definitely should. Being a relative and all... the fact that you subscribed should be worth more *giggling* - Aleesha