Wednesday, October 21, 2009

busy summer

well it's been awhile since i've blogged anything. i've had a busy summer. i've also been a little bit lazy. turns out i like reading other peoples blogs more than i like writing in mine. we had a really good garden this year. lots of tomatoes, okra, peppers, corn, peas, and beans. put a lot of it in the freezer. planted cherry trees, bluberry bushes, and blackberry vines and one more pomagranate tree this year. just got a ginkgo tree at the flea market today to plant. we planted two mulberry trees last fall, one is doing pretty well, the other one doesn't look to good but maybe it will make it. we also put up a porch swing so i had to spend plenty of time in that. (when i say we, i don't mean i actually dug any holes, my significant other did all that, but i did supervise the actual digging of said holes. and i'm sure he appreciated my help.) been doing high raw. (with a little junky food thrown in every so often.) ate tons of watermelon and other fruit. there's a weekly flea market close to where i live that i get most of my food from in the summer. it's a lot cheaper than the grocery store. we go on wednesdays. it's my favorite day of the week. it's also time for me to head back to arizona. time flies when you're having fun. but the temp here is dropping and i don't like being cold, so here's hoping for a nice warm winter in az........later raw peeps

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