Tuesday, June 23, 2009

choking down the wheatgrass

that's right , i said it. choking down the wheatgrass. now, i don't normally do things on the spur of the moment, no , i ponder, i study , read this book and that book. i have before me right now a book called the wheatgrass book. i do believe i read it twice. but oddly, nowhere in this book does it say that wheatgrss juice tastes like green pee.(and don't ask me how i know what pee taste like. if you follow david wolf you'll know how i know. wink, wink) this wheatgrass better deliver some great results. i'm hoping to look like i'm ten in about a week. no, i'm just kidding. make it two weeks. but seriously raw foodes,i have amazed myself at the things i'll do to get healthier. but when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you have to try things to see if they work. and of all the things i have tried, eating more fruits and vegges has helped me the most. so, i will keep on trying new things and i hope everybody else does too. and, i hope we keep blogging about it. my plan for this summer is to choke down a lot of wheatgrass, juice everything that stands still long enough for me to catch it, and cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. i also have a nice garden so alot of the stuff i juice will be coming from there. and i forgot to mention sprouting. i'm going to be eating huge amounts of sprouts. i've already grown and eaten, sunflower, mung bean, and alfalfa sprouts. i've been a busy girl. all for now.......later gator

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