Friday, May 29, 2009

hanging around

hanging around killing time right now. waiting on my son to return from a road trip to utah (love utah, beautiful state) to start my road trip to alabama since he is going with me. last day of work was wednesday. we had a nice potluck (or carry-in as one of my co-workers calls it) been eating a little bit of junk lately, but also lots and lots of fruit and vegges. i don't think that cancels out the junk though. wish it did. i think leaving my job every summer makes me a little nervous and changes my routine as far as eating and exercising are concerned. takes a few days to get a new groove going. also road trips seem to scream out for the junkiest junk in the world, but i have a plan.(i always have a plan) and the plan is to have plenty of lara bars, dried fuit and nuts, and lemon water sweetened with stevia. and fresh fruit of course. that's the plan. genuis, right. i'll let you know how it's working out. how are you going to do that, you might ask (well you might) well i'm going to do it on my super duper teeny weeny lap top computer my daughter gave me for a combo birthday-mothers day present. sweeeeet! hello to my peeps at work who are not even reading this, evan though i gave them strict insructions to tune in everyday .......later raw people

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