Thursday, February 12, 2009

my butt is dragging

hello everybody! i seem to have lost some of my high energy i've had for the last two or three weeks. maybe i'm doing too much exercise, or maybe not enough. who knows? not me. i have these ups and downs all the time, but i think i have noticed something over the last few weeks that might be helpful to me. i seem to feel alot better if i'm getting more greens in. my moods seem better, and also my energy. so, over the next few weeks i'm going to make more of an effort to get those in. right now i've been eating one or two avocados with tons of celery,lots of oranges,a large salad in the evening ,the occasional lara bar, and also some nut butters. not very 8-10-10. also the ocassional blip which i have spoken about before. but all in all,still doing pretty good. rock on, all you raw food warriors..... the rare raw southern bird

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